• 招聘信息
Job Title 职位名称:TBS Leader
Job Location 工作地点:ShanghaiRecruiting Department 招聘部门:AWP Number of recruits 招聘人数:1Academic requirements 学历要求:本科
Skills, Experience and Qualifications 职位要求:
Primary Responsibilities 主要职责
· Listen voice of customer, suggestions, complaints on our process, pricing, products, and collect them, rating them, and discuss with commercial team, operation team together to make aligned improvement plan, tracking them, feedback to customers, and gain better customer satisfaction.
· Provide exclusive training on lean conversion & operational excellence to customers
· As Lean consult for customer (inside and outside) improvement request
· Take lead on kaizen event identify, prep, execution, and follow ups
· Work with commercial team to develop commercial excellence plan and execution
· Quickly study and understand a process, see opportunities then develop and lead the process improvements on a strict timeline.
· Apply Lean core concepts & tools such as T/T, Standard work, flow, VSM, VMS

Qualifications Required 必需的资格
· Had 5+ year lean practice experience, deep understanding of Lean concepts and goals, tools
· Rental /dealer business experience is preferred
· Strong communication skill and Convincing skill & Self· motivated
· Excellent problem solving and analytical abilities.
· Excellent project management skill with ability to complete tasks with minimal supervision
· Ability to work well under pressure (from outside customer or inside)
· Flexible work schedule and OT when necessary.
· CET 4 certified, fluent oral speaking skill,
· Willing to travel
· Bachelor’s degree or above on mechanical or B.A, MBA is preferred

Estimated Travel 差旅
· 10% within or out of China.

Contact information 联系方式: amy.lu@terex.com
Job Title 职位名称:Service Training Manager
Job Location 工作地点:ChangzhouRecruiting Department 招聘部门:AWP Number of recruits 招聘人数:1Academic requirements 学历要求:本科
Skills, Experience and Qualifications 职位要求:
General Position Description 职位概述
The Service Training Manager plays a key role in the China Commercial Team, driving key customer & commercial team Internal training and initiatives to increase customer service capacity as well as managing the day-to-day training plan activities to optimize training result and processes, improve training efficiency and create new training course according to customer demands.

Primary Responsibilities 主要职责
· Lead the training team to provide high-level training support for relevant team members, dealers and end-users covering Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Mongolia and Mainland China.
· Build yearly training plan and schedule according to customer and internal requirements.
· Manage AWP training facility in TEREX Changzhou factory.
· Collect and make various training material, build training package on different basis and subdivide the training courses for fitting customer and internal requirements.
· Prepare and deliver service training to customers in the safe operation, maintenance, repair, and care of equipment to assure desired operating level and warranty compliance.
· Works closely with the commercial team to coordinate visits training and to understand the customers’ needs and expectations.
· Collect customer input on matters ranging from product safety, design, operation, maintenance, and warranty performance. Use information to recommend new products, design enhancements and technical documentation.
· Communicate information on equipment problems or potential enhancements to other teams within the company.
· The Ad-hoc moderately arranged by the immediate supervisor based on the dynamic business needs.

Skills, Experience and Qualifications 职位要求
· College or above degree in Mechanical Engineering.
· Good command of English and Mandarin Chinese in speaking, writing and teaching.
· Holder of the driving license-C
· Can work under pressure with flexible working hours and a 24/7 on-call business manner.
· Good engineering machine service experience (Electrical, Hydraulic and Engine).
· 7-10 years of engineering machine training and technical support experience, AWP related experience is a plus.

Estimated Travel 差旅
· 70% of the time travelling within the Greater China region.

Contact information 联系方式: amy.lu@terex.com
Job Title 职位名称:Fixture Engineer
Job Location 工作地点:ChangzhouRecruiting Department 招聘部门:AWP Number of recruits 招聘人数:1Academic requirements 学历要求:本科
Skills, Experience and Qualifications 职位要求:
Key Responsibilities & Tasks
· 为满足生产需要进行设计相应的满足人机工程理念的工装。
· 设计带电气和液压系统的工装。
· 和ME合作把工艺改善需求转化为工装解决方案。
· 和供应商及改善车间合作协助制造此工装。
· 优化现有工装。
· 综合协调工装的安全稳定测试,推拉测试。
· 积极配合公司领导安排的其他机动性任务。

Experience & Qualifications
· 本科及以上学历,机电相关专业优先考虑。
· 5年左右设计及最少2年工装经验。
· 具备制图能力,会使用SolidWorks的优先考虑。
· 具备一定英语听说读写能力。
· 优秀的解决问题能力。
· 熟悉人机工程学原理。
· 熟悉机械工作原理,液压,电气原理。
· 了解一定的精益知识。

Estimated Travel 差旅
· 30% within or out of China.

Contact information 联系方式: amy.lu@terex.com
Job Title 职位名称:Design Engineer - Localization
Job Location 工作地点:ChangzhouRecruiting Department 招聘部门:AWP Number of recruits 招聘人数:1Academic requirements 学历要求:不限
Skills, Experience and Qualifications 职位要求:
Key Responsibilities & Tasks
· Implement cost reduction projects in the sourcing, design, development, testing and documentation of AWP products.
· Work with leadership to create plan and lead cross team to execute.
· Specify component and machine testing, create procedures and detail testing processes.
· Verify designs using traditional analytical methods in conjunction with dynamic and finite element analysis software.
· Research, specify and test manufactured and purchased parts working closely with the materials group and suppliers.
· This role is responsible for developing suppliers
· The responsibility should include the management of the cash flow as well.
· Local commodity resource investigation regarding of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical.
· Work with SQE on supplier development including fixing quality issues, Conduct performance assessment on supplier.

Experience & Qualifications
· Bachelor’s degree, Major should be mechanical or hydraulic related.
· Familiar with solid modeling (SolidWorks preferred).
· 3 or more years’ progressive, professional experience in related field include product design
· Minimum 8 years working experience in design or sourcing, preferred somebody with both design and sourcing background.
· Oral English and Spoken English must be good.
· Demonstrated team player qualities.
· Ability to analyze and resolve complex problems through application of knowledge, experience and engineering fundamentals.
· Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
· Ability to create component/machine test plan and perform detailed component and machine testing procedures.
· Ability to identify and qualify supplier as cost, quality, delivery, etc.
· Pricing and contract negotiation experience preferred.
· Lead multiple simultaneous projects across team from concept to implementation.
· Must be able to travel, this position will travel abroad at least twice per year.

Estimated Travel
· Up to 30% within and/or out of China.

Contact information 联系方式: amy.lu@terex.com
Job Title 职位名称:Design Engineer II
Job Location 工作地点:ChangzhouRecruiting Department 招聘部门:AWP Number of recruits 招聘人数:1Academic requirements 学历要求:本科
Skills, Experience and Qualifications 职位要求:
Responsibilities 岗位职责
· Mechanical Engineer, level II is responsible for developing and applying reliable engineering methods, theories, and research techniques, in the investigation and solution of technical problems. These problems can be mechanical, structural, electrical, and/or hydraulic in nature.
· You will use your design skills and experience in the process, design, and/or development of Genie products. Specific areas of focus include the design of machined parts, shaped steel parts, formings, weldments, injection-molded parts, electrical control systems, and hydraulic systems.
· You will be responsible for developing new designs from initial idea to product release.
· Designs are modeled and detailed in SolidWorks.
· You confirm the design integrity using traditional methods in conjunction with dynamic and finite element analysis software.
· You will coordinate with other groups to ensure the design and finished product meets Company’s safety, quality, and delivery Requirements.

Qualifications Required 必需的资格
· B.S. Mechanical Engineering
· 3+ years related experience
· Commitment to Lean Manufacturing.
· Strong orientation towards quality, safety and continuous improvement.
· Good communication skills, both verbal and written.

Desired Skills 符合以下条件者优先录取
· Proficient with SolidWorks, AutoCad and MathCAD.
· Experience with hydraulic/electrical control systems.
· Experience with structural analysis (Ansys).
· Experience with microprocessor based control systems a plus.

Estimated Travel 差旅
10% within or out of China.

Contact information 联系方式: amy.lu@terex.com
Job Title 职位名称:Key Account Manager
Job Location 工作地点:ShanghaiRecruiting Department 招聘部门:Terex Aerial Work Platforms Number of recruits 招聘人数:1Academic requirements 学历要求:不限
Skills, Experience and Qualifications 职位要求:
General Position Description 职位概述
· Establishes and maintains KA and rental customer base for full line of Genie products in assigned territory. Creates and implements plans to drive revenue. Builds customer base and expands channels by identifying the best prospects in the region to rent and retails, sell and service AWP products

Primary Responsibilities 主要职责
Sales/Business Development
· Drives revenue of Key account /rental to reach annual forecast
· To manage and develop the relationship with key major account and rental customers with regular visits
· Has the ability to work and manage head offices of regional companies and regional offices of national rental companies.
· Maximizes margin through aggressive negotiation and prudent expense management
· Creates the Sales Plan for the KA and rental customers including growth for existing customers and addition of new customers. Drives the activities and performance to ensure the sales goals are achieved for the year.
· Responsible for the development and execution of the action plan for the Key account
· Can demonstrate all Genie products and expertly articulate the Terex AWP value proposition.
· Conducts research of local market and business activity. Identifies potential new rental customers.
· Will learn the equipment financing programs and partners closely with TFS to develop long term financing strategies for rental customers.
· Assists customers with business planning and development of sales forecasts for Terex and Genie products.
· Presides at trade shows, coordinating business development and educational activities with customers and contacts in the region.
· Will respond on time to all reports and information request concerning the KA and rental customers in territory
· Will aggressively and successfully establish rental customers in the region
· Will drive all new product initiatives in the market place
Financial Responsibility
· Responsible for controlling expenses per the established budget.
· Ensures that deals are made in accordance with maintaining profitability goals. Manages discount levels and strives to improve company margins.
· Being responsible to manage and aggressively pursue with the customer all AR issues
Customer Relationships
· Solicits feedback from random customers to make sure the team is fulfilling their needs.
· Elicits feedback from customers on existing products and service, as well as changes, enhancements, and new products that customers would like. Conveys feed back to the AWP team as appropriate.
· Actively takes a role in building, supporting and driving the success of the AWP Team
· Coaches, mentors, trains, and provides guidance for KA and rental business Team Members in the region.
· Collects data and provides regular reports to management regarding the performance of the region. Monitors and manages the team’s forecasts, budgets, KA/ rental management and processes
· Meets or exceeds the training requirements for self-development during the year
· Has a very high sense of urgency, detail and understanding of the customer and will work the hours needed to be successful in this position
· Must be able to work independently and a self-starting individual
· Hand the required reports on time
· Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position.

Skills, Experience and Qualifications 职位要求
· Requires the ability to initiate sales contacts and complete sales contracts. Requires the ability to design, develop, and deliver sales communication in writing and in person. Requires the ability to conduct price, product, and delivery negotiations.
· Requires a very advanced relationship building skills and interpersonal skills
· Requires an advanced technical knowledge of the products
· Requires knowledge, skill and personality to drive sales new business development, product promotion,
· Requires excellent interpersonal and communication skills to build relationships, prepare and deliver formal presentations, and can assist in the negotiate sales contracts
· Requires advanced written communication skills to prepare proposals and business correspondence
· Strong negotiation skills, particularly experience with advanced deal structures including, rebates, payment terms and freight allowance.
· Well-developed problem solving skills
· Is proficient in Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.
· Requires strong time management skills
· In-depth knowledge of Terex AWP products
Education and Experience
· 6-10 years of experience in outside sales, KA experience will be preferred
· Bachelor degree or even higher .
· Fluently English (spoken and written)
· Must have excellent sales skills and experience
· Purchase proposal and presentation skills
· Bidding document skills
· Team player skills
· Time management skills
· Consulting sales skills(value proposition)

Estimated Travel 差旅
· 60% within or out of China.

Contact information 联系方式: amy.lu@terex.com